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Professional Female Nutritionist & Fitness Trainer

For professional personal training & nutrition plans in Exeter look no further than Jasmin Simmons. As a qualified and highly trained fitness trainer, I have been assisting clients in achieving their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals throughout Exeter and the surrounding area. This includes producing custom training plans and dietary planning to ensure they all meet their goals in a reasonable time frame.

Trained as both a nutritional specialist and a personal trainer to produce well thought out and meticulous training plans that incorporate exercise routines as well as meal plans suited to you. Together this plus much more will drastically improve your health and well being. No matter what your fitness goal is, I can help. From wanting to lose weight, build muscle or to tone up, together we can develop a fitness and nutrition plan to suit your needs and help you reach your goals.

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Personal Training & Nutrition For Women In Exeter

Knowing from my own battle with fluctuating weight and a love/hate relationship with food that having support and professional guidance can make all the difference, I pursued a career as a personal trainer and fully qualified nutritional specialist in Exeter.

It’s a priority of mine to help the people of Exeter feel happy and healthier with their training and to see results from the exercise. This is particularly important in making women feel confident with their training which is why I offer female PT sessions and nutritional diet plans in Exeter.

Personal Training Services

Personal training is a great way to focus your exercise into more meaningful training sessions so that you see results quicker. My well thought out sessions include an initial consultation so that I can really understand your goals and training capabilities in order to create a training plan that works for you. Our PT sessions will consist of functional movements and activities from improving your strength, stamina and other areas of fitness in order to achieve your goals.

Depending on your goals, we can arrange group PT sessions, 1-1 sessions and even online training. Perfect for fitting around your busy schedule the online training programs are great for suiting your lifestyle whilst still being able to achieve your fitness goals.

Professional Nutritionist

As a highly trained and fully qualified nutritional specialist I create completely custom made food plans for clients that want help with eating more healthily whilst enjoying the foods they love! Set to agreed goals, the meal plans I create can help with fat loss, weight management , overall health and even for bodybuilding.

All of the meal plans I create for clients take into account any food intolerances, coeliac disease and any other dietary requirements you may have. Your custom food program will be built to your specific needs. My aim is to not only give people manageable food plans but to educate my clients on good nutrition in order for them to make sustainable changes to make long lasting changes to their diet.

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1-1 Private Personal Training & Nutrition Specialist

For completely private personal training the 1-1 sessions are bespoke and suited to your training plan. Unlike the group sessions I offer, during my 1-1 training sessions you will receive my undivided attention so that you really get the most from your sessions.

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Why Train With Jasmin Simmons?
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