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Like many fitness coaching professionals, my journey into the industry started from a passion to improve my own health. From struggling with weight loss and low body confidence as a product of fluctuating weight I decided to pursue a career as an expert fitness coach in Exeter. This meant learning and becoming qualified in the areas I am passionate about.

Having been overweight and unhealthy, I strive to help all of my clients improve their health and fitness by not only setting them up with training programs but by educating them on eating well and keeping fit. I pride myself on constantly improving the way I train my clients and the results they see from the work and effort they put into our training sessions.

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Learn More About My Journey!

I am currently coaching at Oakmont Fitness and have been working in the fitness industry for just over 2 years. After struggling with my own weight and low body confidence through my teenage years, I decided to begin my own fitness journey. Over a 5 year period, I struggled with being overweight and suffered from orthorexia. So, I understand the feeling of having no control, no support, and not knowing how to make a long-term change.

After graduating from university I decided it was time to reach out to the professionals for help. During my own transformation, I realised how much I valued the help I received and how it had improved my mental and physical health dramatically. As a result, a passion was born and I got my qualifications in personal training and nutrition so that I could share that same experience with others. Now, I’m a qualified personal trainer and nutritional specialist, providing support and coaching to ensure my own clients achieve their own body transformation goals. I help men and women of all shapes and sizes realise that they CAN make healthy, sustainable changes that last!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right”

Henry Ford

Benefit From An Experienced Female Fitness Instructor

I can create and assist you with achieving your fitness goals. This could be anything from bodybuilding to losing weight, as a qualified personal trainer in Exeter I offer group training sessions as well as private 1-1 personal training sessions for more targeted and fitness plan orientated training.

As well as these training services I also offer online training for people who have a busy lifestyle. Fit your training around your busy day!

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Manage What You Eat

One of the fundamental reasons people don’t achieve their fitness goals is their diet. This is why as a qualified nutritional specialist I can help all of my clients achieve their fitness goals with a bespoke meal plan that is suited to your dietary needs.

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Improve Your Health And Fitness With 1-1 Training

Achieve your fitness goals more effectively with private training sessions. In which you will get a 1-1 training session that is designed around your training plan. This will ensure the functional exercises are suitable for achieving your goals. Benefit from my knowledge of fitness training and enquire about 1-1 personal training sessions.

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