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Qualified Fitness Trainer

As a qualified personal trainer in Exeter I can help you achieve your fitness goals effectively. From group PT sessions to individual 1-1 training sessions, all of my personal training plans are tailored to your goals and needs. Whether that is weight loss, general fitness or to achieve a higher level of fitness for a sport.

If you are looking for expert personal training in Exeter or the surrounding area, then get in touch. I have helped both men and women achieve their PT goals with well structured training sessions created in conjunction with their training plan.

When you train with me, you will benefit from my knowledge and experience to receive valuable training and fitness advice that includes anything from learning new exercises to improving your technique. This will help you make changes to your lifestyle that stick!

Get in touch today to find out more about the 1-1, group and even online training sessions I have to offer.

Benefit From 1-1 Personal Training

My private personal training programmes are completely customised to your needs and objectives. One of the most important advantages of one-on-one fitness coaching is accountability. My clients have had success as a result of my adaptable approach, which allows me to schedule training sessions around their busy schedules – so no more excuses! During each and every specially formulated session, I always give my clients my undivided attention, as well as ongoing support and communication in between appointments.

Female Personal Training Exeter

Knowing that having support and professional guidance can make all the difference in my own battle with fluctuating weight and a love/hate relationship with food, I pursued a career as a personal trainer and fully qualified nutritional specialist in Exeter.

It is a top priority of mine to assist the people of Exeter in feeling happy and healthier as a result of their exercise. This is especially important for women to feel comfortable with their training, which is why I provide female personal training sessions and nutritional diet plans in Exeter.

Group Personal Training Sessions

There’s no need to miss out if going it alone makes you nervous or if you’re looking for a more affordable option. I also provide paired group training! So, why not enlist the help of your mother, sister, father, brother, or bestie and go to the gym together? Even if your goals are different, the group training package will still be tailored to them! Furthermore, because the sessions are shared, the cost is shared, making paired personal training more affordable for those on a budget. Do you want to do group personal training? Larger groups can be trained depending on my availability, so please contact me directly to discuss your options.

Online Personal Training Sessions

If going to the gym isn’t for you or you don’t have enough time, I also offer online personal training to fit your schedule. You will receive all of the benefits of one-on-one training as an online fitness coaching client, but instead of training at the gym, you will receive a home workout programme to follow. These plans are popular among busy parents who must balance childcare and work irregular hours, for example. You only get out what you put in, so get ready to work up a sweat! To keep you accountable, I’ll continue to check in with you, support you on your journey, and log your progress remotely.

What Is Included In A Personal Training Plan?

As standard, all of my PT clients will receive:

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Common fitness goals for those seeking coaching or private fitness training include:

jasmin simmons in the gym with a first time client

What To Expect From Your First Pt Session

Wondering what to expect from the first PT session? Your first meeting with me will be a 100% free no-obligation consultation. During this initial appointment, I will:

Feel Happy And Healthier
Personal Training Client Success Stories

Check out some of my client success stories!

before and after 5

Name: Sophie

Age: 32

Goals: Sophie wanted to feel fit and healthy to look amazing in her wedding dress, this initial goal kept her going. However, she soon fell in love with weight training and made her sessions a priority, wanting to develop more muscle mass and strength!

Results: We initially started with 3x sessions per week. Following her programme and nutrition, it took 5 months for this transformation. 35% body fat – 25% body fat!

before and after 6

Name: Samantha

Age: 23

Goals: Samantha’s initial goal was to lose body fat. She very quickly fell in love with the new style of training!

Results: She worked hard and had gone through different stages of training with me – building muscle mass in 1 phase to dropping body fat in a second phase. This whole transformation has taken around a year. Muscle mass up by 5kg – Body fat from 42% – 30%.

before and after 1

Name: James

Age: 22

Goals: James like many wanted to lose body fat and build muscle but was unsure of the steps to take in the gym and didn’t want to waste his time.

Results: Taking James through different stages of muscle development and fat reduction lead to these results! By following the program and training 4x per week, this whole transformation took 8 months! Body fat 30% – 21%.

before and after 4

Name: Lily

Age: 42

Goals: Lily wanted to feel confident in her swimwear, with a holiday coming up. We worked together looking at nutrition only!

Results: Like many just a tweak in nutrition is all it takes! Keeping it sustainable is the long term goal! Over just 16 weeks Lily had made significant changes to her shape and body fat percentage.

before and after 3

Name: Ryan

Ages: 24

Goals: Ryan wanted to learn more about nutrition and training, feel more confident, achieve a leaner appearance as well as increase overall fitness for the next football season. He also wanted to learn how to do it while keeping his life enjoyable!

Results: Ryan and I worked together for 12 weeks on a programme of online coaching. We worked through a strength endurance phase and looked at nutrition to increase performance and achieve his aesthetic goals! He learnt a lot and can now carry that on!

Frequently Asked Questions

A personal trainer can assist you in determining whether your objectives are realistic. Keeping you motivated: Knowing you have a professional appointment can help you stay motivated to exercise during the week. Encourage you to work a little harder: Many people fail to see results because they are not working as hard as they could.

1-2 sessions are required. The number of personal training sessions you receive is determined by your fitness goal, your budget, and the PT’s availability. The typical schedule consists of 1-2 sessions per week, each lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

A personal trainer’s primary responsibility is to design an exercise programme that is both safe and effective for you. Your workout plan should be tailored to you and your fitness objectives. Your personal trainer will keep an eye on how you move during your fitness training sessions. Muscle imbalances, proper form, and good posture are all things they’re looking for.

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